Colonial Veterinary Hospital
The biggest difference you will notice when visiting Colonial Veterinary Hospital is our relaxed, low-stress atmosphere. Since we schedule 30 minute appointments for each patient (instead of the customary 15 minute appointments), you will find an uncrowded waiting room and ample time to discuss your pet’s condition one-on-one with the veterinarian.
Our doctors work closely with clients to provide treatment options ranging from simple “symptomatic” care to more advanced work-ups.
By eliminating unnecessary tests and treatments, we try to keep your costs reasonable.
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Who We Are
we provide your pet with quality, common sense veterinary care
We are a full-service veterinary hospital that offers general medicine, surgery, dentistry, x-rays, and full laboratory services.
Our goal here is to provide your pet with quality, common sense veterinary care. You will be offered treatment options that fit your desired level of care as well as your budget.
Meet the Team
We determine the type of care you want for your pets

What We Do
We don't push services or products on you
During this visit, your pet will be thoroughly examined by a doctor and any issues you have about your pet's health will be discussed. By knowing more about your pet's lifestyle we can make recommendations about keeping him healthy.