DR. RILEY IS THE BEST. For 5 years Dr. Riley cared for my cat. If he couldn't treat something he gave me appropriate referrals. His fees were reasonable, and he did not recommend tests that were not absolutely necessary. When my pet was euthanized, Dr. Riley and his staff were very patient and caring. Now I am taking my dog there with absolute confidence that she will be receiving the very best. I highly recommend this practice. You may have to travel a bit, but the experience will be well worth it.


Best vet in Richmond!. My family has taken our pets to Dr. Riley for as long as I can remember. When I got my first dog I of course took her to Dr. Riley as well. He loves animals, and is very kind and thorough. Like stated before, they do not do any unnecessary procedures unless they are asked to. Much less expensive than other clinics in my area (fan) and I don't mind driving out Patterson to get the quality care for my pets that they receive at Colonial Vet. The staff is also very helpful and kind. I recommend them to every friend of mine that has an animal.

Your family is his family. Dr. Riley has been seeing my family's dogs since as far back as I can remember. He and his staff have always cared for and about my pets, even after their time of passing. And my father was present when our German Sheppard was put down last year. He said that there were tears in Dr. Riley's eyes. After, we received the most touching, hand written card from Dr. Riley. For anyone looking for a vet to treat your animals as their own, please go see Dr. Riley. You will not be disappointed!

THE BEST. Dr. Riley is the most wonderful vet I have ever encountered. He cares about the well-being of your pet and never does any unnecessary tests. He is always friendly, gentle and kind with all animals. You will never find a more compassionate vet. His staff is always very polite and helpful. I had recently moved and still travel and hour to bring my pets to him.


I've had lots of animals over the years and thought I had met the best vet in the world in Lynchburg, but Dr. Riley wins the prize. He and his staff are so caring. He's very upfront and doesn't do unnecessary testing. I have an elderly dog, and it's so great to find a vet who cares about the dog's quality of life and not about lining his pockets by preying on people's emotions. This man is an angel as is his staff. Thank you, Colonial Vet, for all you've done in the little time you've been my dog's vet.

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Doctor Riley and staff at Colonial Veterinary Hospital is as good of a vet as it gets! The office is located across the street from Friendly's. My skittish and rotten three dogs have been in Dr. Riley's care for last five years. Waiting area is simple and clean. He used to have tropical fish in the built-in-wall tank, now it has cute little turtles. Dr. Riley has always been a great advocate to humane societies and he has a book of all the animals he has treated for various rescues. My dogs are incredibly squirmish animals and before moving to Richmond all their charts had bright red stamp across that said "CAUTION. MUZZLE." I'm not so certain what clout of Dr. Riley they felt, but our first meeting and until now, we only needed muzzle once. (on a Chihuahua.) Dr. Riley is efficient but he will always listen to all your concerns about your dear pooch. At one point I had questions about my dog's vaccinations - they were some things I read about on various random forums. It was rather a long list but I was on business travel so my husband took the dogs to the vet. Instead of scoffing my questions aside as baseless hearsay, Dr. Riley spent his time writing on the paper answers to all my questions. Pricewise, they are reasonable - they aren't the cheapest vets in the bunch, but they aren't the most expensive either. No one here ever pressures me to buy anything or have a great big wall of "products" area. On a side note, Dr. Riley is a grad of Virginia Tech and you can tell he is a passionate Hokie - as you drive up and relieve your dog for a quick potty break, you will all see a burgundy and orange fire hydrant. They have a fantastic team here and your furry companions will sure to be well cared for - mine sure are.


Drs. Riley and Fetterman are fantastic. We adopted our dogs after we moved to Richmond three years ago and the kind woman who runs the shelter suggested Colonial to us. We had previously used Carytown Vets, but we were not happy. Our dog developed a mass on his spleen in January 2010. He was quite sick and Dr. Fetterman diagnosed the mass. Dr. Fetterman told us that the mass was most likely malignant and that even if we took it out, he probably only had about a month to live. She said that even if it wasn't malignant, he would still probably only have about a month because it would eventually rupture and he would bleed out. At that point, there would be nothing we could do for him. With Dr. Fetterman's guidance, we decided to go ahead with the splenectomy, thinking that we couldn't live with ourselves if it was benign. She said that we could take him to the vet hospital in Carytown or we could have them do it there in the office. We chose to have Drs. Fetterman and Riley take the mass out. Thank heavens we did because a week later, Dr. Fetterman called me. The first thing out of her mouth was "I got the pathology back and I am smiling". I burst into tears. It is now a year and a half later and I can't imagine if we hadn't done the surgery. I am a Medical Lab Scientist and I appreciate that Dr. Fetterman will talk with me in a medical sense. For me, that is very comforting. The office staff is fantastic, the location is close to our house, and Dr. Fetterman works until six, which is great for my work schedule. We will be moving in about two years and I am already dreading having to find a new vet. We couldn't be happier with Colonial!

Julie B.

Colonial Vet Hospital is a great place to bring your pet. I recommend them without hesitation. The front staff, the vet techs, and the veterinarians are caring, knowledgeable, and kind. I first found them under duress as my old dog was dying. Dr. Fetterman made me and my dog comfortable and made sure my dog was pain free. She and her staff never "guilted" me in to unnecessary or invasive end of life care. (Other Vets at other Richmond Hospitals had with previous pets-and it was torture for us both) I now bring my rescue dog here for preventative care and have recommended them to others.

Leslie M.

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